A school where the kids love to go and learn science and social studies. Every subject, reading, math, computers, and gym, have individual pacing to the children’s level. Small class sizes are wonderful.

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We moved to Colorado over 2 years ago and at that time, we were looking for a school for our kindergartener. We looked at both public and private schools in the area and the surrounding areas and after seeing what Mountain Peak had to offer versus what the other schools were offering, we chose Mountain Peak. And over the past 2 years, our child has flourished and grown more than what he would have been allowed to do in any other school. Their staff is professional and incredibly talented and we feel confident in recommending this school to anyone who values their child’s educatiion.

I have 2 children at Mountain Peak and my 3rd starts next year. We have been attending Mountain Peak for 4 years. It is the best school in Longmont, by far. Mountain Peak offers excellent teachers and a fantastic, well rounded education. My 4 year old is starting to read already in the pre-K program. My 6 year old 1st grader is doing 2nd grade math and reads chapter books. On top of all this, the teachers ensure my children get plenty of physical activity each day. In addition to the great education, the school provides a fun and friendly environment for my children, so they enjoy going to school each day. Furthermore, Mountain Peak offers a great before and after school care program. I love knowing that if I cannot be there, they are having fun, not sitting in the principals office after school. I highly recommend Mountain Peak.

This is our 5th year at the school and I am so glad we found it. Both my children have been reading since Pre K and continue to learn above their grade levels in many subjects. The teachers are so enthusiatic and caring which creates a fantastic family atmosphere. Each day I drop off and collect my children from the classroom door which allows me to interact with my childrens teachers on a daily basis, learn what is happening in the class and discuss any work to be completed. As far as I am concerned this is one of the best schools in the area and well worth the money.

We love Mountain Peak Private School and highly recommend it for anyone looking for a school in Longmont, Colorado. I have two children who attend Mountain Peak and both have excelled beyond all of our expectations.

Mountain Peak is a small school and this allows the teachers to completely individualize the teaching for each student. Because of this, each student is able to learn at the best rate for them. This results in the students learning more in a year at Mountain Peak than they would learn in a year at the local public school. We know this because we considered sending our child to our local public school for fifth grade thinking that he would make some friends there before middle school. However, after talking with the teachers at the public school, we realized that our child was more than a year ahead in math, spelling and reading compared to what was being taught at the public school. We decided to keep him at Mountain Peak because we felt he would lose a year of learning if we transferred him to the public school. An additional advantage at Mountain Peak compared to public schools is that the students stay with their class even as they may be learning more advanced material. At the public school, if a child is advanced, they have to spend part of the day with the class one year ahead. At Mountain Peak, they still get the advanced learning but get to stay in the class with their age-related peers.

Academically, Mountain Peak is excellent. This school excels at teaching the “Three Rs” – reading, writing and arithmetic. Combined with their excellent spelling program, this has laid a foundation of knowledge and skills that will allow my child to excel throughout middle and high school. The reading program that is introduced in preschool (Zoo Phonics) is incredible. Our kindergartner who started the program in preschool is now reading at a very high level. I attribute this to the Zoo Phonics program and the quality teachers at Mountain Peak. Spelling at Mountain Peak is very rigorous and similarly individualized. Our children are learning words two grade levels ahead of their current grade. The math program (Excel Math) is also excellent. It is a well-rounded program that teaches not only arithmetic, but teaches students how to solve word problems and also teaches many pre-algebra concepts at an early stage. This has helped tremendously with my children’s ability to apply math. The writing program is also excellent. In addition to creative writing, they also teach students the proper way to write a report, including how to choose a topic, perform research, make notes and finally writing a report over several rough drafts. Also, Mountain Peak uses the Brigance Test, a nation-wide testing program that truly assesses a student’s knowledge. Unlike the state assessment tests, this test truly shows where your child is academically against the nation.

Outside of academics, Mountain Peak does many other things right. Mountain Peak students have PE and recess every day. It also really helps the learning when kids are able to exercise and have physical activity daily. Also, Mountain Peak has created an environment where everyone feels welcome. Unlike many of the other private schools in the area, there is no air of superiority and all the children seem to bond well with the other children. There are no cliques and there is no bullying that I have seen in the past 5 years.

In summary, I highly recommend Mountain Peak for all kinds of students. Students who are gifted and maybe bored in the public school will excel at Mountain Peak. In addition, students who struggle in the public school (due to any number of reasons) will thrive at Mountain Peak due to the excellent teachers and individualized instruction. I have seen this throughout my 5 years of sending my children there and I know it will continue in the future.”

We are parents of two students at Mountain Peak School and would recommend this school to parents who want a superior education for their children. Our children were attending a different private school in Boulder and we started to notice our older child was falling behind in math. When we found MPPS we moved the children without hesitation. The class sizes are small and learning is individualized. My son is now ahead in math and has a new confidence in his learning. This school goes beyond both academically and socially for the kids. Our children love school and our 5th grader tells me often that he is so glad he goes to Mountain Peak where he is able to learn and not feel like he can’t do math. This school is such an amazing place and the tuition is half of what we were paying at the other private school. Our children will be ready to excell in the future because the are getting such a great foundation now. We cannot say enough about this fantastic school.

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We were very disappointed with our local S.T.E.M. and IB public preschool. Late start days, countless days off, endless unqualified substitute teachers to cover the times when the teacher had meetings scheduled DURING class time, overcrowding. I volunteered often and the class was in total chaos most days. The teacher was disorganized and used YouTube videos to “teach” the kids letters (read babysit) while she got caught up on administrative duties. The kids did not learn phonics. Instead, they were presented with sight words to memorize. If a child can’t sound out words, how can they possibly learn how to read? The kids got a nametag and were told to trace it, but were never given any directional arrows or guidance so my son learned how to write his letters incorrectly, writing them backwards, upside down, etc. When I asked the teacher if she could make him a nametag with arrows to fix the problem, she said, “We have an I-pad app for that.” When my son finally did have his I-pad time, he was always given a game that had nothing to do with letter tracing. Also, they rarely did craft projects and, worse, my son was getting hit, kicked, pushed, having his hair pulled, pinched, etc. on a daily basis, most of which went unnoticed due to the ridiculous class size and lack of staff.

Fed up, we switched to Mountain Peak for Pre-K and couldn’t be happier. Our son attends 5 days a week, has a consistent schedule without late starts, constant substitutes and days off. The kids, parents and teachers are amazing, kind, caring and committed. Our son’s teacher is excellent and very well organized. His class size is very small so he gets a lot of individualized attention and isn’t lost in the shuffle. He learned more in his first week at Mtn. Peak than he did in the entire year at the public S.T.E.M. school. He’s learning Zoophonics, is sounding out words and is starting to read (at age 4). He’s learning how to write correctly, counting, doing math, doing lots of interesting crafts and science experiments. He’s not getting picked on by the other kids. He has PE and recess, reasonable screen time and opportunities to socialize safely with older kids, which has boosted his self confidence. We had reservations about sending him to such a small school, but now we feel this is the best decision we’ve made. It’s well worth the money.

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We have our 4 year old son in preschool at Mountain Peak. The teachers and staff are all excellent and very friendly. This is a small school which allows staff to really get to know familys and students. We are greeted by name by the owner, Mr. Buckett and Brenda, at the front desk every morning. They also have a top notch curriculum which includes Zoo-Phonics and individualized learning as well as daily PE for all kids which is fantastic. We are looking forward to next year when our son goes to pre-K! We plan on continuing our son’s education here as they include French, science and math starting in kindergarten. This school is also a great option for kids with late birthdays as they have an extended December cutoff for kindergarten.