Alumni Parent Testimonials about the Benefits of Staying at Mountain Peak until Middle School

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Happy Transition to Middle School. When our son grew up and finished Mountain Peak , we were faced with middle school. We were worried about the transition from a small family oriented school to a large impersonal public school with massive class sizes. Our son was used to lots of attention and loving care, with a small class size at Mountain Peak. Could he adapt? YES!

The skills, both academic and social, that he learned at Mountain Peak are serving him well. Academically, the middle school courses are easy for him because of his great background at Mountain Peak. Socially, he immediately made many friends at his new school and is participating in a variety of school activities. Because of the small class size at Mountain Peak, he learned that he could not hide in the background or just “get by,” but learned to take part. He is confident and accustomed to interaction with a variety of people of all ages. Not only has our son made a nice transition from Mountain Peak to middle school, but his friends from Mountain Peak who attend other middle schools also report similar positive experiences.

Having spent 7 years at Mountain Peak enjoying small class sizes and individual attention, we were concerned about our son entering a large middle school with what seemed like enormous class sizes. We needn’t have worried. Academically our son has excelled in many areas and is finding that he is often ahead of his peers. Socially he has made a wide range of friends and as a member of the Student Council has helped organize a lot of the social events.

We feel that Mountain Peak helped nurture our son into a well rounded, confident young man with an ability to make a wide range of friends. The education he received during those crucial elementary years prepared him well for his transition into public middle school life. With this success, it was a “no brainer” to send his siblings!

Our daughter attended Mountain Peak from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. She grew from a shy toddler to a confident young lady ready to make the leap to middle school. We were not concerned about her academically because regardless of what grade she was in, Mountain Peak provided the highest quality education possible.

We wondered how the transition from small classes (which is why we went to Mountain Peak for those crucial developmental years) to the large classes of public schools would be handled. School-wise, our daughter excelled in middle school from day one. Social-wise, our daughter took no time at all finding her place and making new friends. Being placed in the proper classes (advanced) helped her feel comfortable knowing the other kids were all her equal and she knew she was just like they were.

She now has straight A’s in those advanced classes, she has more friends than she could have ever imagined having, and she is fully involved in many school activities. Mountain Peak couldn’t have prepared her any better and we thank them so much! We recommend Mountain Peak to anyone and everyone.

My daughter attended Mt. Peak Private School until 6th grade. Diagnosed dyslexic, the public schools weren’t able to meet her needs academically nor socially. Enrolling her at Mt. Peak was the best decision we could make. Not only did they individualize their instruction but they also built up my daughter’s confidence. With the smaller class size they were also able to teach basic life and study skills that have been an important part of my daughter’s academic success. After her first year at Mt. Peak she stood taller, prouder and knew she was smart! Not only that, but being one of the older students she became a role model and a leader to the younger students. This is one of the many reasons we decided to keep her there for 6th grade. Mt. Peak went above and beyond to make sure that my daughter’s transition to a bigger middle school in 7th grade was going to be an easy transition. Not only did my daughter succeed academically in 7th grade and beyond but she made friends easily and was academically prepared for the rigors of a bigger middle school. I thank Mt. Peak Private School for building the foundation for success for my daughter.