Grades 5 – 6

Monday through Friday, 8:15am – 3:15pm

Our 5th-6th grade class is designed to prepare our students for middle school and beyond. Curriculum is drawn from a variety of sources to best support the learning experience of the whole child. Just like our other classes, math, reading and spelling are totally individualized. Other subjects are taught to the entire class generally at an advanced level. Both academic and social skills are emphasized. Socially, because of the small class size at MPPS, children learn that they cannot hide in the background or just “get by,” they must take part. Because of this, they are confident and accustomed to interaction with a variety of people of all ages before heading off to middle school.

Continuing with the “reading buddy” program 5th-6th graders are paired with our 1st-2nd grade readers. They are “role models” for the younger students. 5th-6th graders get their own “Kindles” for reading and have use of laptop computers in the classroom as well as use of the computer lab. Word and Excel are utilized for monthly reports and projects, along with internet research capability. Advanced keyboarding skills are also taught to each child. In science, the kids use stream tables to study erosion and wind turbines to make electricity testing different blade patterns. They also have many other hands-on experiments both in class and out. US History comes alive in social studies from the early explorers to the constitution utilizing multiple resources including reading plays, art projects and crafts. Learning about the Americas and ancient civilizations also highlight the curriculum offerings.

In addition, students enjoy many other activities that enhance classroom learning, such as an overnight trip to the Calwood Learning Center, Weather and Science Day at Coors Field, hiking trips to Rocky Mountain National Park, science fair participation, and more. French (taught at a high school equivalent level), art, music, and daily PE round out the curriculum.