Grades 3 – 4

Monday through Friday, 8:15am – 3:15pm

Our 3rd-4th graders are taught to be responsible learners and citizens. Continuing to stress individualized instruction while encouraging small group interaction, this combined grade class offers an opportunity for students to learn at their own level. At Mountain Peak, we don’t get caught up in a child’s grade level; but are more concerned with their academic level. Learning how to learn and take pride in one’s work is stressed along with academic achievement. Math, reading and spelling are totally individualized. Other subjects are taught to the entire class generally at an advanced level. Children are assessed at their own grade level with most students exceeding the standard.

Curriculum is drawn from a variety of sources to best support the learning experience of the whole child. Language arts focuses on expanded genres of writing and reading. Students not only learn the technical side of writing, but are encouraged to be creative as well. Combining individual reading and small group “book clubs”, children encounter many renowned fiction and nonfiction books. Continuing with the “reading buddy” program 3rd-4th graders are paired with our Kindergarten readers. 3rd-4th graders get their own “Kindles” for reading and have use of laptop computers in the classroom as well as the computer lab. Computer skills including keyboarding, word processing and safe internet navigation are taught to each child. Science and social studies are taken to new heights with heart and eye dissections in science, monthly themed reports in social studies, and field trips that enhance the classroom experience.

3rd-4th graders get a full semester of French, participate in the science fair, perform a class drama, can play on the school basketball team, go on many exciting field trips throughout the year, and are taught valuable “life skills”. They also get a special “overnight adventure” at the school one night each spring. Art, music and daily PE round out the learning experience.