Bike Day happens bi-annually at Mountain Peak Private School

Grades 1 – 2

Monday through Friday, 8:15am – 3:15pm

Our elementary classes are creatively taught in multi-grade classes beginning with the 1st-2nd grade class. Stressing individualized instruction while encouraging small group interaction this combined grade class offers an opportunity for students to learn at their own level. At Mountain Peak, we don’t get caught up in a child’s grade level; we look at their academic level. Learning how to learn and take pride in one’s work is stressed along with academic achievement. Math, reading and spelling are totally individualized. Other subjects are taught to the entire class generally at an advanced level. Children are assessed at their own grade level with most students exceeding the standard.

Curriculum is drawn from a variety of sources to best support the learning experience of the whole child. The teacher has the ability to change curriculum according to individual children’s needs; adding more difficult challenges for more advanced students and working with struggling students until they become more proficient and are ready to move up. As part of the Language Arts program, in the beginning of the year students are paired up with older students as “reading buddies”. Later in the school year, as our preschoolers begin reading, the 1st-2nd graders get to share their reading skills with them as their “reading buddies”. This program provides leadership opportunities while strengthening the Zoo-phonics language skills they have already learned. Science is taught using a large variety of hands-on activities, including such things as energy exploration, building marble runs for physical science, and simple insect and invertebrate dissections for biology. Many opportunities for cooperative group work, small group planning, and leadership skills are provided through social studies projects like designing their own town and participating in mini society.

In addition, 1st-2nd grade students enjoy many other activities that enhance classroom learning, such as; a full semester of French, exciting field trips, participation in the school science fair, opportunity to play on the school basketball team, and of course art, music, technology and daily PE.