Mountain Peak Private School Students celebrate Stone Soup

Standardized Testing

Standardized Testing proves Mountain Peak Private School approach works. Our students continue to soar to new educational heights in 2016, proving once again that our educational approach works!

Our Brigance standardized test scores show what we already knew…we have an incredible group of students who are thriving in an environment with small class sizes, individualized curriculum, and daily PE, all things that set our school apart from public, charter, and other private schools in the area. Find out what Brigance Testing is.

Basic Reading Composite: 48% of MPPS kids scored in the top 10%*. 65% tested above grade level.

Reading Comprehension: 44% scored in the top 10%*. 61% tested above grade level.

Mathematics Composite: 39% scored in the top 10%*. 52% tested above grade level.

So, how many of our talented students tested more than a year above grade level?

  • 65% for Reading
  • 32% for Math
  • 39% for Writing

We are glad that our curriculum can be matched to each child’s abilities. These results are amazing considering that at Mountain Peak we accept children of all ability levels (low and high). This is the true testament that our program works!