Welcome to Mountain Peak Private School - our students during holiday concert.

Welcome to Mountain Peak Private School

Mountain Peak Private School is an independent, nonsectarian school offering classes for preschool through 6th grade. Mountain Peak strives for excellence in academics enhanced by a strong commitment to physical education.

Our curriculum balances traditional learning with exciting interactive activities, using programs like Zoo-Phonics with the younger students, and games and simulations with the older students. Explorations in all disciplines create an effective atmosphere for students to grow and flourish. All of our classes are taught by Colorado state licensed teachers. And because studies have shown that large class sizes adversely affect learning, we are committed to keeping our classes small.

We recognize that each child is unique and can be at a different developmental stage than his/her peers. Mountain Peak feels that it is the responsibility of the teacher to present a large variety of information and then to individualize activities based on each child’s needs and capabilities.

At Mountain Peak Private School we promote a sense of pride in one’s work, personal responsibility, learning how to learn, and a sheer joy of learning. Daily physical education classes encourage children to adopt lifelong healthy lifestyle practices. We invite you to consider us when making your choice for educating your child.

So, feel free to come in and hear the laughter…feel the energy…see the genuine caring. Thank you for your trust in us! It is our privilege to be part of your child’s life.

Here’s to the future!

Tom & Alison Buckett, Owners