At Mountain Peak we are committed to…

  1. Believing that all students can learn at high levels & achieve success.
  2. Individualize curriculum
  3. Designing instruction for a variety of learning styles.
  4. Providing a positive climate in the classroom, safe and secure.
  5. Having educational strategies to accommodate individual differences.
  6. Utilizing technology.
  7. Teaching problem solving skills.
  8. Providing opportunities for parents to share skills and talents to enrich learning.
  9. Making the entire school a productive learning climate.
  10. Instituting parent/family involvement practices.
  11. Having a passionate, caring staff that loves teaching children and has a goal of making sure each child has the knowledge, skills and values to be successful adults.

Why are we so committed to small class size?

Research supports the lasting benefits of small class size for children in the primary grades. Although many classrooms have added aides in an attempt to improve student performance by decreasing student/teacher ratios, it is the overall class size that makes the difference.

We offer small class sizes of 12 or less students in Kindergarten, 16 or less for 1st-6th grade. And our preschool classes are even smaller(12 or less).

The National Education Association supports supports smaller class sizes because they lead to higher student achievement levels….click here to read article.

Following is a summary of the Tennessee Project STAR study that supports our commitment. The Tennessee Project Star Report